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1 definition by Capps, Jerry, Chris, Lemanski, and Mark

1.To litter with reckless disregard of the well being of the environment.
2.To litter with the intent to hit wildlife with with trash.
3.To litter as a form of vandalism.
4.To litter as a form of cleaning out one's vehicle.
5.To throw trash out the window of a moving vehicle with the intent of hitting a person with said trash.
6. Used as an insult against someone or something a person holds dear to them such as a family member or trophy.
7. To litter as a form of entertainment.
1."I dont, care 'bout no protected woods, earf it!"
2."Earf that can on that rabbit!"
3."Yo dat teacher failed me! Let's earf her house!"
4."Help clean me clean my car and earf that trash."
5."Hey earf that two-liter on that dude's head!"
6."Earf yo gramma!"
7." I'm bored, let's go earf some stuff!"
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