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1. Orifice found in the lower part of the face of certain mammals. The bitchtrap is found as frequently - if not more frequently - in males as in females. From this hole comes a distinctly shrill stream of mewling, plaintive noise - 'bitchery'. It is almost always open when it should be shut, and it often requires outside assistance to this end.

2. The possessor of a such a whine-hole.
Bob: "I hate my job. God I hate my job. My job sucks. We need new ice cube trays. I'm having a Random Organ Pain."

Phil: "Bob, please shut your bitchtrap right now lest I shut it for you."

by Capa Boobarang May 05, 2007
Proof that a large segment of the population of Japan needs to turn off their televisions and take a long walk out of doors while thinking carefully about the heritage they will be bestowing upon future generations. The girls/media darlings/masturbatory fantasies who comprise the group are not expected to "sing" or "dance" in the ordinary senses of the words; rather, their relentless appearances on television and radio is meant to deaden the souls of those few individuals who still have one. In the larger scheme of things, Morning Musume helps make a handful of rich people richer while perpetuating, if not exacerbating, the nation's endemic molestation of young girls on crowded trains.
1 - (at the supermarket)

"Morning Musume on the radio AGAIN! I just want to buy some fermented soybeans and pickled ginger shreds in peace! My god , I have to get out of this country!"

2 -

Taro: "Have you seen the cover of the latest Mo-Musu single? The cross-eyed one is so cute and do-able!"

Masahiro: "You really are a depraved fucker, aren't you Taro-kun? Tell you what - the next time you reveal your sickness to me I am going to beat you into a coma with a copy of 'Lolita', wakarimashita ka?"
by Capa Boobarang May 06, 2007

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