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1)A deliciously yummy cereal.
2)A deliciously yummy cereal that Sarah denies people just to watch them squirm in agony after "accidentally" misinforming them of the unfortunate event that she has mistaken boring, bland, tasteless, disgusting, regular, Captain Crunch for delectable, delicious, crunchy, chewy, cheesy, melty, Peanut Butter Captain Crunch.
"Hey guys, guess what!!!"
"I have Peanut Butter Captain Crunch in my cupboard!"
"You do?!?! HURRAY!!!" *DANCE*
"Whoops, my bad this is just plain, old, bland, tasteless, regular, Captain Crunch."
(Based on a real life event)
by Cap'n Dictionary January 15, 2008

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