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Nature's way of telling you that you are not quite ready for sex.
Mother Nature: So many teenage pregnancies... what can I do to make them never want to leave their bathrooms...

Teenage Girl: OH NO! NOT ACNE!
by Cannibalistic Cucumber January 04, 2011
The only sport in which groping and dry humping your opponent is considered acceptable. Invented by homosexual Greek Olympiads in the early 1300s B.C., it was originally played completely in the nude. Modern society has rejected this style professionally, but homosexuals still practice the original tradition worldwide. In modern instances of this sport, heterosexual men have embraced this sport for proving to themselves that they are indeed better than the smarter and smaller men and claim that writhing on the floor with another man is merely for the athletic purposes.
Sure, wrestling may be a rigorous activity, but it's a little too awkward for me.
by Cannibalistic Cucumber January 04, 2011
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