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The sound a penis makes when it slaps someone on the forehead.
Grifter splapped Blackrose when he was in Texas, while she was DJing.
by Candi Apple March 30, 2009
The inventor of Awesome™ and the Plow'er hour; a DJ on furious radio.
"Damn K, did you catch Sneezy D's Plow'er hour last night? it was so Awesome™ i came twice."
by Candi Apple November 12, 2008
verb. To take a grif, this is a process that involves the following: Peeing, smoking, and of course...refilling your beer.

Synonyms: Grift

*may also involve having a quickie, when possible.
"Be right back guys, gotta go pull a grif."
by Candi Apple June 29, 2009

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