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When ordering from Canadian doughnut chain Tim Horton's, a "Wayne Gretzky" is a large coffee with nine creams and nine sugars.
"She says she doesn't like coffee, so I got her a Wayne Gretzky instead of a double-double - you can barely taste the coffee!"
by Canadian Hoser February 12, 2009
In roller derby, a split pack is defined as two groups of skaters, equal in number. If the pack becomes split, no legal pack is defined. Skaters will be warned to speed up or slow down to reform the pack and are subject to penalties. Also, a roller derby themed online clothing store.
"Did you see that team in the Split-Pack shirts? They grabbed an opposing blocker and fell back 11 feet, and sent their pivot to the front of the other group! It's a split pack situation!"
by Canadian Hoser February 12, 2009
When a couple splits up, and holds a rushed yard sale to sell off the items they bought together, usually at a steep discount.
"I furnished my whole apartment at that vulture sale, and it only cost me a hundred bucks!"
by Canadian Hoser February 13, 2009

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