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derogatory term used in reference towards people of asian ethnicity.
What are all you slopes looking at anyway?
#asian #derogatory #slang #racist #gran torino
by Cameron Bradley Hughes April 30, 2010
1. One who is addicted to video games

2. One who is addicted to cigarettes

3. One who never has money for anything else besides video games and cigarettes
I tried to get him to come out tonight but he's being such a weber.

Why do you got to be such a weber?
#video games #cigarettes #money #loans #addiction
by Cameron Bradley Hughes April 29, 2010
1. One who is beaten politically by Ronald Reagan

2. One who is beaten physically by Ronald Reagan

3. One who's country is beaten by Ronald Reagan

4. One who's sole is haunted by Ronald Reagan
I tried to get the Republican nomination but got reaganated.

I robbed this bank and then got reaganated.

Russia was winning the Cold War but then they got reaganated.

Whenever I fall asleep I get reganated.
#ronald reagan #beaten #politics #sole #haunted
by Cameron Bradley Hughes April 29, 2010
The act of educating one in the beliefs of President Ronald Reagan
I would be happy to help in the reaganization of your stupid hippie community.
#president #reagan #beliefs #conservative #republican
by Cameron Bradley Hughes May 03, 2010
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