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When you underestimate a particualr cause of somebody or something. Second guessed certain opportunities. Being amazed. Shock by a significant things. Sudden wonder.
friend 1: Brah I cant believe that we lost to them pussy's.

friend 2: I know man we was sleeppin on them fo real.
by Calvin Secrest November 09, 2007
An female that has AIDS or STD's and vulnerable to spread it. A female who is open to do anything while having intercourse. A really freaky women that loves sex and stays horny all the time. A female that expresses herself very sexually or dress like a whore.
Friend 1: Man you know that gurl Shawnna?

Friend 2: Oh yea.. she a real smut.
by Calvin Secrest November 09, 2007
To be intoxicated on marijuana , or someone who has no sense of what their actions are about; either making dumb comments or being ephiphany of studipidy
Man Toni you are open right now, take a chill pill homie.
by Calvin Secrest November 09, 2007
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