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For beans, often used in stead of "a joke" or "a laugh".
We de-kegged the guy just for beans, lol
by Callum Talbot October 03, 2007
a chode is a penis that is defined by being thicker than it is long (like a tuna can) and can also be used as an offence.
(2people bithcing about bob)
barry: that bob stinks of BO
Tony: yeah! he's a rite chode!

beth: mary slept with matty and she said he had a chode lol!!
megan: OMG REALLY!!!i have 2 tell sum ppl!
by Callum Talbot November 08, 2007
balls, bollocks, nuts etc basically meaning testicle.
A random guy came up to me and kicked me in my tezzers
by Callum Talbot October 03, 2007

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