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slang name for larger than life lips on an African-American. Angelina Jolie also has biscuit lickers, whether or not she is black.
Look at them there biscuit lickers!!
by Cali C March 27, 2008
Any form of "play rape". Ei, a sexual game where someone is "raped" and "forced" to submit to a sexual act "against their will". But not really...hence, rapcie. Yes, I am serious.
Let's play rapcie!

Rapcie isn't cool dude.
by Cali C March 26, 2008
An unusually potent strain of hallucinogenic mushrooms, grown in the closets of America's unemployed population.
Dude, I will give you an ounce of kebenzie mushrooms if you can just take care of this problem I have....

No man, I'm not okay, I ate WAY too many fuckin' kebenzies..
by Cali C March 26, 2008
A word used as a term for approval or when agreeing with something.
Me: Tool is fucking AWESOME.
Travdog: BAMGINAS!
by Cali C March 27, 2008
A state in which everyone you know is generally fed up with you. You have no money, no vehicle, no job. All you can do is free-load. Free-loaders are almost always burnt.
You're fucking burnt bitch

You can't come over and drink dude you're burnt
by Cali C March 27, 2008
Mormon hair is caused by backcombing the hair into large ratty looking chunks, then you pull the top half back into a messy looking rats nest. This look is usually found on teenaged mormon girls, and occasionally their mothers go for the same look.
God I am so sick of all this mormon hair.

by Cali C March 27, 2008
A middle grade of marijuana. Better than shwags, but not quite humbolt quality shitfuckyourface nugs. It's basically what you smoke while you're waiting around for the stinky stink.
All I got for ya is the meds.

Meds will tie me over, but where's the blueberry yum yum?
by Cali C March 26, 2008
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