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Turricane - A hurricane, comprised of tornados

A turricane is one of the worst plagues that could be brought upon the planet of Earth.

A turricane is formed when two or more tornados simultaneously combine to form a terrible storm. Once formed, there is no stopping it until the storm runs out of energy. Against a storm of this caliber, there is no winning, and the only thing you can do is crawl up into fetal position and cry. Turricanes can envelop areas as large as the state of Texas.

Signs of a turricane include, but are not limited to:

- Sideways rain that never touches the ground
- Winds exceeding 300 MPH
- News claims of a weather phenomenon
- A feeling of hoplessness and depression
Caleb - "I told you all, YEARS AGO, that this would happen. How do you feel now? A hurricane comprised of tornados can not, and will not give up. There is no winning."

Charlie Sheen - "In the rare occurrence of a turricane, there is no epic winning, or even bi-winning. All I can really do is crawl up into fetal position and cry."
by Caleb Stricklen July 19, 2011

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