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An Elite Crew that soughts revenge on the bucking fucking bison.
For the bison brought pain and suffrage upon a buffalo village.
20 buffalos united as one to form the... Buffalo Creed.
The Buffalo Creed is a really great group.
by Cain160 February 07, 2008
A word pertaining to ass, or when said to someone means they're not nice or annoying, or straight up lame.
That Alex Banoub kid is a real Arse.
by Cain160 February 07, 2008
A term used for an ultra cool kid that his last name rhymes with Vendetta.
To use this their last name must be Beteta otherwise it doesnt ring together well.
B for Beteta is a total badass.
by Cain160 February 07, 2008

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