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A life saver for any female with less than a C cup.
She's damn lucky she's wearin' that push up bra or else she'd have to go home to her vibrator tonight.
by Cahoon Clansman February 15, 2004
A slang term for a person of the Protestant faith, used mostly by the Irish and British.
The next Proddie I see wearin' a Rangers jersey is gonna get smacked in the coupon!
by Cahoon Clansman February 15, 2004
A slang word for a person of Puerto Rican descent, usually concidered offensive and/or racist.
Person 1: "What the hell smells like a mix of salsa and cheap cologne?"

Person 2: "Probably that island nigger over there selling bootlegged t-shirts."
by Cahoon Clansman February 15, 2004
A slang(may be concdered racist)and/or offensive term used to describe a Native American.
Those river niggers may be a bunch of drunks, but they sure know how to build a casino!
by Cahoon Clansman February 17, 2004

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