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3 definitions by Cager

the bops; head; oral sex
pronounced (Fly-or)- I say it in a French accent.
Everyday I go home, I get the Fli-ouv.
by Cager July 13, 2008
a soft ass dude
youngin wif no game, girls, not respected...a chump
I know Dave push-pop ass can't book shawdii!
by Cager July 18, 2008
an orgy for a nerd..
an orgasm thats emerged by batman movies, dumbo, chess, hard cpu games...n other shit nerds savor- 13thlevelpowered17headeddragonwarriors4thstage...lol
WHile watching the new Batman movie, i had multiple nerdgasms. Wicked than a mu fucka!
by Cager July 18, 2008