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2 definitions by Caffeine and Irony

A girl who looks hot in one setting, but ghastly in another - usually because of poor lighting.
GEORGE: So, attractive one day - not attractive the next?

JERRY: Have you come across this?

GEORGE: Yes, I am familiar with this syndrome -- she's a two face.

JERRY: (Relating) Like the Batman villain?

GEORGE: (Annoyed) If that helps you..
by Caffeine and Irony December 03, 2005
117 41
Pretty for a northern girl, with her features possibly obscured by a large down coat. A northern girl who is pretty, but you can't be too certain of it.
Being in Austin it was easy. But now that I'm in Lansing, I don't see anything but Michigan pretty - and, Man, that's risky!
by Caffeine and Irony December 03, 2005
29 18