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The love of wisdom, in so far as the pursuit of happiness. As practiced by the ancient Greeks, philosophy informed one's whole way of life, much akin to modern day Eastern religions such as Buddhism and Taoism.

Hate and attacked by ugly emu chicks and guys with small penises.
Inbred Bush-supporter:
"Philosophy majors, fuck them. Nevermind that our whole system of society, science, and government would collapse without the love of wisdom, everybody should be staring at my tiny penis even if they need a microscope. Oh, and worshipping Jesus, cause' my stupid religion involves 100% no knowledge. Can't have philosophy without knowledge."

"Why sir, the rising tide of anti-intellectua examplified in your retarded rhetoric is the reaon why we have intelligent desing in the schools and Bush in the whitehouse."

Inbred Bush supporter:
"Whatever, just make sure I can get my budweiser and a junker to get me to church every Sunday, brainiac."
by Cadmes Julian November 26, 2005

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