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a time for wine, often around early evening (5pm-ish). It is similar to "Beer O'Clock" in that it can be anytime a wine appreciator (read: "wino") feels that some good vino might just hit the spot
Man, today was a long day—it's definitely wine o'clock now.
by CadeRageous! April 26, 2007
Either a sense of or real illness brought on from being constantly surrounded and inundated with technology. Constant technology is usually from work, but can be home too, and sometimes when traveling, especially for business.
"What'd you do last weekend?"
"I stayed home and slept most of Saturday, and well past noon on Sunday. Later I went to Golden Gate park on Sunday. I just got techsick and had to get outside and away from my laptop and Crackberry."
by CadeRageous! March 11, 2008

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