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A tall, strong guy. 1 whose muscles are tense and wide, much like his mouth. He dwells in the basement of his home with his step-mother bitching at him 24-7. The Gambiit08 likes to make people rage on Xbox LIVE. Be cautious of the Gambiit08 he lurks in the games "Modern Warfare 2", "Gears of War 2", "Halo 3", and "Bad Company 2" on the XBOX 360.

Ways to avoid the Gambiit08:

-Do not look him in the eye!
-Don't noobtube!
-Don't bitch
-Don't be a girl-vaice fag
-You must not send him messages!
-Avoid him at all costs!
"Oh no the Gambiit08 just noobtubed me"
"WOW the Gambiit08 has modded his gamertag again on MW2!"
"The Gambiit08 stole my girlfriend, that asshole!"
by Caboose 1 April 17, 2010

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