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Any person trying to occupy the same space as me at the same time. Often applied to other drivers and downhill skiers.

Inspired by TV police dispatchers saying, "See the citizen at First and Main" when they would rather say, "See the bozo at first and main." Then applied to skiers, then to everyone.

Often shortened to BZ.
Watch out for that bozo!

That bozo just cut me off!

That bozo stole my parking space!

Get out of the way, you bozo!
by Cable Hills March 19, 2007
Short for Bozo, another person trying to occupy the same physical space that I am trying to occupy at the same time.
First used by downhill skiers and polite taxi drivers. Inspired by TV police dispatcher command to "See the citizen at 1st and main", substituting the real thought.
That BZ just cut me off!
by Cable Hills March 19, 2007
Something moving very fast.
Chinese farmers feed a noodle with a string attached to a goose. It passes through the goose non-stop. Then they feed the noodle to the next goose...and the next...and so on. After the last goose, they tie the string to a stick. Then they can walk a string of geese to market.
That beer went through me like noodles through a goose.

by Cable Hills May 01, 2008

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