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2 definitions by CWWM manager

Usually something you do (you put your hands fingers touching in the well known "gate position") when someone says something that crosses a line usually followed up by simply saying "border" or "border line". This is usually done silently and with a very serious face for the full effect.

You: *border hand position*
by CWWM manager June 05, 2010
Originates from the Jamaican language, it is a mixture of words: "rawda" meaning rather and "don" usually meaning a male mafia boss. A person described as a Rhoden is a person who embodies the pinnacle of all the important social aspects, if a Rhoden is not at a social gathering it's not worth going to. The people usually put under this "Rhoden" category are usually Jamaican but can also be from African-American origins aswell. A Rhoden also uses the Border* at the correct moment. *see what border means in urbandicionary for definition.
(two people are having a fight and one of them is a rhoden)
the Rhoden: SLAP
the other guy: *cowering*
Rhoden: KICK
other guy: please stop!! i beg of you!!
a bystander: IT'S A PAR
by CWWM manager June 06, 2010