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To fart or pass gas.
That mud burp smells like burnt rubber.
Oh my God, I could feel my internal organs shift after that mud burp!
by CVMP Dave October 22, 2008
Cowboy chases his Cowgirl around the house backwards with his hairy ass yelling Dirty Cowboy.
While inside your house, a cowboy (with hat on) unexpectedly yells Dirty Cowboy and walks/runs backwards with his pants down. Chasing her with his hairy ass, while she screams and runs away. The Dirty Cowboy must corner the Cowgirl (kitchen is good place)and rub his hairy ass on her as she screams. Some Dirty Cowboys like to yell, 'can you smell that' or 'did you hear that', but that is optional. Beware of the wet finger!
by CVMP Dave October 22, 2008
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