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a real kickass girl who likes 2 party and jus have funn amazin at sports, smart, and noes how 2 get wat they want pimP's cud b the alternate definition sexy fun and cant get enuff of guys not sluts but def not prude likez a nice challenge good fashion sense 2 in ohterwords there all around fantastic gurls who luv 2 party and get krUnK!
John: Watchu doin 2nite?
Bobby: Dude im hanging out with sum Ursuline girls wat else!
John: No WAY! u no ursuline girls do u no CP?
Bobby: hellz yes i do shez the biggest pimP at ursuline
John: haha yeah letz get goin those Ursuline chicks sure no how 2 have funn there the most kick ass gurls ive ever met!
by CP the pimP April 30, 2005
an alternate definition for rich bitchs
NERINX GIRLS SUCK they get w/e the hell they want and the school is full of snobs ursuline kickz their ass everyday.......
by cp the pimP May 09, 2005
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