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1 definition by COSTAS Level of CockBlocking

Fleda Definition: When Someone Or Something Interferes With Your Game. There Are Three Levels To Cock Blocking

Level 1 Cock Block- When Someone Interferes With Your Game

Level 2 Cock Block- When You Intefere With Your Own Game

Level 3 Cock Block- When Your Shit Gets Chopped Off... Thrown In The Air... Shot Down... And Then A-Town Stomped On (Figuratively Speaking)
Ex. Level 1- Me And My Girl Were About To Fuck Until Drew Walked in and cock blocked us.

Ex. Level 2- Me And My Girl Were About To Fuck But I Went Limp and cock blocked myself

Ex. Level 3- Me And My Girl Were Fucking And I Was About To Cum, But my Friend Came In and I Shot Him... Damn Level 3... The Ulitimate Cock Block
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