1 definition by CMC Idiot (student)

1. n. Exclusive to women, Scripps is one of the five Claremont Colleges in the greater Los Angeles Area.

2. A sexual haven for people in the rest of the 4 C's.

3. Where CMC douche bags' beer money goes in return for easy pussy.

4. A short-lived, but exciting, resource for Claremont Freshmen males.

5. Fuck CMC
"Dude I fucked the shit out of this bitch I met at scripps last night"
"No shit? Me too"

"I'm going to scripps, I haven't gotten ass in a while"

"I got this rash at scripps dude"

"The thing with scripps girls is, if you catch them outside of their rooms, chances are they want to get fucked"

"Contrary to popular belief and the facebook group devoted to the adage, scrippsies really aren't better lovers."
by CMC Idiot (student) October 03, 2005

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