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The Providence Country Day School (PCD) is a private school located in East Providence, Rhode Island. It was established in 1929 and includes grades 5 through 12, and was originally all boys. In 1993 is became a coed school and has been ever since. It is one of the three most talked about coed independent schools in Providence, as well as Moses Brown and Wheeler. It is often conceived that PCD is the school for the kids who did not get into Moses Brown or Wheeler, but that is false. Moses Brown is one of the oldest schools in the United Sates and is full of kids who are much more interested in their last name because that is what is most likely going to get them a job. Wheeler is a school for the more scholarly type that usually aren't very athletic or social, but they are nice and usually just keep to themselves. PCD is for kids who are smart and athletic, but don't want to go to a school full of legacies or geeks. They are usaually artsy or jocky assholes, but are always fucking halarious. They love drugs, love alcohol, love to party, and love to have a good time. They are hippies, bros, artists, athletes, and some weirdos who are also really good at everything. And eventhough PCD may have a reputation for being a place where a bunch of kids are really rich, and usually get away with anything, and everyone seems to hook up with everyone else, all the kids there are proud of these characteristics. They are a bunch of kids who seem like they don't deserve anything but in reality win national merit awards, state and new england championships, recieve Cum Laude, are All-State athletes, etc. Everyone seems to bash PCD for being the palce where fuck ups go, but it is actually the only of the three schools where kids go that want to have a good time and care about their future, a little bit. The truth is PCD kids throw and go to the best parties and are usually the funniest fucking kids in Providence.
-Is that kid Gay?
-Does he go to Queeler?
-Than yes.

-Did that kid with the lacrosse stick in the shirt and tie and the backwards hat on just spit on me and and call me poor?
-Don't worry about it he's from Moses Brown.

Whoa that kid is an All-American, a straight "A" student, is rich, and got a scholarship to BU, but he smokes and drinks so much! He must go to Providence Country Day.
by CL2009 February 10, 2009
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