5 definitions by CJTAM.2006

Getting lost in thought.
In math class, I was brain browsing about the weekend.
by CJTAM.2006 March 09, 2014
Another word for belching or burping.
I drank so much soda; now I have the face farts.
by CJTAM.2006 March 09, 2014
When someone forces you to look at something disgusting.
I was face violated when I saw my parents having sex.
by CJTAM.2006 May 31, 2014
Chatting through direct messages on Twitter.
Theresa: Man, Vivian keeps twat chatting me!
Vivian: Twat chat is fun!
by CJTAM.2006 March 15, 2014
A friend with whom you only fool around.
George and I never hang out; he is my scamming mate.
by CJTAM.2006 March 09, 2014

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