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Girls who from a distance appear very sexy looking but end up being ugly close up.
Nah she's one of them Distance 10's
#10 #ten #distance #she #girl
by CJB The Issue November 01, 2010
A show that you expected to be cool but ends up being gay.
Man that Family Guy episode was a Jersey Snore
#bull #donkey #stuff #man #game
by CJB The Issue November 01, 2010
The way white trash or hicks or ghetto people say teeth. plural for toof.
Ay' Billy, my darnded toofuses hurt rully bud!
#teeth #hurt #black #wow #injury
by CJB The Issue November 01, 2010
A crazy party based in a Cali-Club.
John and I hit a Dammer Azzer
#damn #ass #crazy #wild #get
by CJB The Issue November 01, 2010
A person, usually a white liberal, tries to call a person a racist for saying any racial slur, racist comment or prejudice phrase. But if the slur, comment or phrase is against a white man it is not racist.
White Man: Ha, Pancho is such a stereotypical wet back.
Other White Man: Yes! And Darrel is a stereotypical black chicken and cool-aid man.
White Liberal: Racists! I'm gonna tell everyone you two are racists! Bitch.
White Man: I so hate any Race Protector like you.
#race #pro #money #white #liberal
by CJB The Issue November 03, 2010
A person who is shy and never leaves the house and just primarily stays inside without friends. Usually a Dungeons and Dragoner.
Man Billy is such a curtain creeper
#creep #curtain #burn #fag #bonzai
by CJB The Issue November 01, 2010
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