4 definitions by CHITOWN'S FINEST

to not only talk the talk, but walk the walk too.
to be neck and neck with somebody in competition.
to be equal physically, financial, clique wise, etc...
Bitch nigga u can neva eva, eva, eva, get on my level...what? Get on my level!
Lil Jon, Lil Scrappy, Trillville
by CHITOWN'S FINEST October 24, 2004
to be cool, calmn down, or watch what you say.
Hold on cuz, pump yo breaks before I hurt you!
by CHITOWN'S FINEST October 24, 2004
Derived from chicago, meaning you are the shit, you are what's up and what's happening.
Or used when greeting some one to see what's up wit you.
That nigga got paper, he tha reason right there!
What's tha reason my nigga?
by CHITOWN'S FINEST October 24, 2004
Term used by rapper Lil Flip in reference to another rapper's fame, fortune ans whole career in general.
Now who they want, Flip, Flip, Flip...Game Ova!
by CHITOWN'S FINEST October 24, 2004

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