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1.A white guy who dresses and acts like a black guy.2.Any guy who acts like he,s someone else,usually making a complete ass of himself constantly.3.A white guy who talks with a south side Chicago ghetto accent.
"Yo sup G money! Yall trippin like a mo fo! best gets to steppin fool! and get up off me!" "peace" Larrys mom is unaware she gave birth to a colored baby, o thats right she DID,NT Larrys is a fucking SHMAGACK
by CHICAGO GUY February 10, 2008
Its when you drank way too fast because you thought you were cool but your really an asshole,then you decided to do those 3 shots of tequila and make an ass out of yourself further,then you went to take a piss and you felt sick and midway through your piss you gagged and then your stomach forcefully ejected a high powered puke bomb. asshole
Hey check out the wall in the bathroom stall it still has the meat stuck to it from my puke bomb.
by CHICAGO GUY January 31, 2009

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