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1. When you take someone out of facebook limbo by accepting their friend request, but with the "This person can only see my limited profile" setting.

2. Moving a facebook friend's status down from normal to limited profile so they can't see all your shit.
1. "Yeah that chick from my math class keeps adding me as a friend. I think I'm just gonna put her on Facebook probation so she'll stop annoying me."

2. "Alright this dude has commented on all 150 of my photos. He's going on facebook probation.
by cfmv December 16, 2007
n. A police officer that feels the need to get your attention by playing with his siren in a DJ-like fashion rather than just flash the lights or use the siren normally
"Dude I made an incomplete stop the other day and I got pulled over by some ass-hole siren DJ"
by CFMV November 30, 2007
Occurring on a daily basis, only on weekdays.
I go to class on a weekdaily basis.
by CFMV September 16, 2007
Acronym for "Get the fuck up".
"Dude, it's 9:45 and you're still sleeping, you need to GTFU and go to class!"
by CFMV December 03, 2007
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