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When a man is receiving oral sex from another person, the man forces his cock down their throat and holds their head down, causing them them to gag and vomit onto the penis.
"Did you see that Max Hardcore video?"
"Yeah, he was tearing her up then he made her give him some serious Orange Sherbert!"
by CFM DaBeast April 17, 2009
(v) To uppercut a person or object in such a manner as professional golfer, Tiger Woods. Usually followed a second, smaller, fist pump.
Compare to Zidane
"Dude, did you see that fight last night?"
"Yeah, I thought Gage was doing good until Nicks gave him a nice Woods right in the jaw"
"Did he fist pump afterwards?"
"You best believe it!"
by CFM DaBeast April 14, 2009
Two young men from Acworth, GA, residing in BW, who drive sick whips, VW's, and get sick tricks. Everything they touch turns to Platinum Selling Records, and every word they speak is echoed by a chorus of angels. Also known as DWB.
"You hear that 'Contagious'?"
"Yeah! Dem White Boyz are so fresh"
"You know it, for real talk, DWB till I die!"
by CFM DaBeast April 14, 2009
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