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when a college football team plays a joke schedule all season then appears in a big time bowl game and proceeds to choke and get spanked by a superior opponent. act was made famous by Frank "Goiter" Beamer and his cupcake scheduling whereby racking up artifically high win-loss records and attending bowls they had no business playing in. also refers to the inability to win the big games in big pressure situations. Not quite on par with the most epic choke of all time, when West Virginia had a trip to the national championship on the line and couldnt beat a downtrodden Pitt team AT HOME in 2007. Also see: "Notre Damed"
When Virgina Tech went into Baton Rouge to meet LSU in 2007 - VTech pulled another Hokie Chokie
by CFB Fan June 17, 2008
The act of playing a patsie football schedule during the regular season against a bunch of inferior cupcakes, then receiving and accepting a bowl bid you dont deserve (because of your artifically inflated win-loss record) then proceeding to get utterly spanked by a superior opponent who legitimately deserves to be there.
Dude - did you catch that game? They got Notre Damed
by CFB Fan June 17, 2008
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