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Acronym for a real gang of queers in prison on the PC yard. Gay Boy Gangsters.
Those GBG's think they're hard on that PC yard.
#gay boys #punks #bitches #pc #sny #prison #fags
by CDC Convict November 19, 2010
1) Acronym for Inland Empire, located in Southern California

2) The area in So Cal. consisting of cities in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties

3) One of the largest and toughest prison gangs in California

4) The Meth capital of the world
Prisons are full of the homies from I.E., especially Chino.
#inland empire #prison gangs #gangs #peckerwoods #white boys #so cal #southern california #riverside #san bernardino #meth
by CDC Convict January 08, 2011
The number used to describe a sex offender/child molester as these types of crimes start with the prefix 25 of the penal code. Sometimes referred to as deuce-five, a prison gang on the PC yard in prison.
See that dude with the 25 tattooed on his neck? He's a piece of shit.
#25 #deuce five #penal code #sex offender #piece of shit
by CDC Convict November 21, 2010
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