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Step 1. Have your chick shave your back or her pussy. Step 2. Take hair in hand and fuck your girl doggie. Step 3. Right b4 cumming pullout. Step 4. Flip over your bitch and blow on her upper lip. Step 5. Smear back or pubic hair on her upper lip. The result is a Burt Reyonalds authenticate immitation Mustache.
by CD June 04, 2003
The supreme huh-er.
The god of the huh, illiteracy, and dumbness.
Damn dude! Here comes Shweeman-Huh!!! Salute the dumbness... huh huh... huh!
by CD January 10, 2005
A guy who constantly states he will go out partying but then backs out in the same sentence.

Also a term for a guy who is whipped by his job and has no more life
Guy #1 to Guy #2: We're going partying tonight, you in?

Guy # 2 in response: "Uh yeah...wait no i have to" (fill in the blank with your own lame ass excuse)

1. My buddy (fill in the blank) is a striz because he is bailing on partying tonight.

2. You are such a striz
by CD October 24, 2003
Stuff, miscellaneous Items. Shit.
I have some skrock to take care of.
by cd April 10, 2003
After shaving last night I gave my bitch a mustache like Burt Reyonalds
by CD October 24, 2003
A term used by members of the people's nation to descrip thier set (gang sub division).
Me and my family are gonna mess up your entire crew.
by CD April 06, 2003
Something or someone sexy and desirable.
Hey Flub! Get yo' hawt ass ova hurr..
by CD December 14, 2004

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