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A "bullshiner" is a cleaner version of "bullshitter". It waqs made mainstream by favourite Big Brother housemate, Mario Marconi.

The word is often part of the expression "Billy Bullshiner", There are many theories as to why Mario puts the word/Name "Billy" at the begging, one theory is that, because it's alliteration it makes it sound good and rolls of the tongue. Another is that the name "Billy" often crops up before other famous derogatory slurs, such as "Billy no Mates".
Mario Marconi ain't no Billy Bullshiner, I can tell you that!
by CAZZZZZZZa July 07, 2008
Stage name Mario Marconi.

Starred in Big Brother 9 in the UK.

Commonly considered to be the most popular house mate ever. Boasting a 14 million strong fan base. Having his own fan club where he comes from.

He is often nicknamed "the manager" or "the facilitator" with directly relates to his business prowess.

He has famously slept with 200 women who notably fell for his health and safety awareness.

A real mans man, everyone loves Shaun/Mario!
Man1: "Hey Mario Marconi is on TV, AGAIN!"

Man2: "Oh you mean Shaun Astbury?... Yeah, he's on TV 'cause he's a ledge!"
by CAZZZZZZZa July 07, 2008

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