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Preppy is a way of life. IN Bethesda Maryland:We enjoy shows like the OC, go to schools like Georgetown Prep and Georgetown Visitation, we go to country clubs like Columbia or Congressional, we listen to alternative as in Postal Service or John mayer, we vacation in the little town of bethany beach , DE, our hair for girls is back loose and to the side, for boys a curly mess just below the ears is the norm, clothes consist of polos (COLLARS UP), cords with patterns from J Crew (dragonflies, or whales), lacoste lily and ralph lauren polos, Eliza B's, ribbon belts from CK Bradley Eliza B or Lily, ties as belts are a new fashion started by some party girls at a prep school called St. Jane in Bethesda, a preppy town just outside of Washington, D.C. PREPS ROCK
Casey Maggie Allyson
by CASEY MAGGIE ALLYSON! January 15, 2005

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