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When, while sitting at a bar, a person is flanked on either side by individuals who have chosen to take out books and read rather than continue a conversation. Also known as a Bilateral Booking.
At the Zig Zag last night Brian tried to talk to two babes, but ended up completely bookended.
by CA Central May 27, 2009
A 24-hour period in which you indulge yourself in complete gluttony, narcissism and sloth, in the manner of Eric Cartman on Comedy Central's South Park.
Guy1: Did you just pound down that entire box of Krispy Kremes?

Dude: Yep, I'm having a Cartman Day. A nap, then a tub of Ben and Jerrys is next, right after I get you to RESPECT MY AUTHORITAH!

Guy2: But... you're already a fatass.

Dude: Screw you guys -- I'm going home!
by CA Central August 03, 2010

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