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From behind, afterwards, happens after the fact.
Hey, I banged that chick and got a blow job on the backside.
by C.J. Thomas November 03, 2007
Commisson from a sale
That whale produced the biggest rip in company history, I can now buy my Benzo.....
by C.J. Thomas November 03, 2007
drinking any type of alcoholic drink concealed inside a paperbag, beer, booze etc..
Due, did you have to paperbag willy that ice house? We are 2 minutes from the house..
by C.J. Thomas February 22, 2009
Barely touch, rub or "skim" the top of a double jump on either a motocross or BMX bike.
He scrubbed the whoop's and made up a lot of lost time.
by C.J. Thomas November 12, 2006
To have unbelievable quickness down the first straight of a BMX track. West coast pull is common, as west coast BMXers are quicker most of the time, becuase of the weather.
That Factory Aggo rider has pull. He has west coast pull.
by C.J. Thomas November 12, 2006
American Bicycle Association for BMX racing
Dude is Nat'l #5 in ABA but can't make a main in the NBL.
by C.J. Thomas January 27, 2008
75,000 population town in western MA. Noted for having nothing but a bum college Westfield State and a lot of parties for HS kids. Plenty of retards that think they can play hockey too. Arny Gay was the hockey coach at the HS, does that answer it?
Dude, "ya," you believe I may have to move to Westfield, MA and attend Westfield State?

Yes, you sucked in high school and deserve it. Make sure you go to Touch Downs for a beer.
by C.J. Thomas June 11, 2009

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