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21 definitions by C. Norton

passionate kissing exchanged between two people.
Jim: Hey queenie, how about a little grill fire? Come here!
Elizabeth: Get your hands off of me!
by C. Norton January 22, 2007
indicates a woman's tacky granny underwear being pubicly displayed in a manner which defies male appreciation of an otherwise welcome sight were the underwear sexier. Some examples are obvious panty lines, or zebra panty print patterns showing through light colored pants, or unbelted pants showing the woman's grannies as she bends over.
-Before the thong, women had what were called panty bulges, or a term I use, "toilet sloppy".

-If I had the chance to peep a woman's underwear, I won't take it if they're toilet sloppy.
by C. Norton January 08, 2007
a way of saying dookie because of the similarity in pronunciation and major league baseball player Paul Lo Duca.
- I'll be back; I need to take a Paul Lo Duca.

-I wonder where Len's at; he's probably taking another Lo Duca.
by C. Norton January 08, 2007
an unattractive woman who men would say needs more than three bags to cover her face.
I've actually slept with a few two baggers and three baggers but because these girls were wearing Frederick's of Hollywood lingirie, I've even slept with a multi-bagger once.
by C. Norton January 17, 2007
you nut on a girl and you use her hair to wipe your cock.
Jane is such a newb; after giving me the most phenomenal blowjob ever she didn't even have the common gall to offer me a courtesy wipe.
by C. Norton January 20, 2007
a man who shamelessly sells out other men, hoping to win the affections of a woman he desires, but unknowingly does nice things for her in vain because he believes above all that God is on his side, but an independent woman won't be receptive to such acts of unnecessary kindness, which is the sensitive guy's fault in the first place for being naive.
Once upon a time, a sweet sensitive guy swept the princess off her feet, and that trend sadly died thereafter with that one example which disappointed the many emulators.

The sensitive guy cried and wept throughout the movie, What Dreams May Come, hoping his date would appreciate that openness, but she was laughing hysterically at him inside.
by C. Norton January 17, 2007
a promiscuous woman who is dangerous to date long-term or marry because she has extreme emotional baggage and a first-class attitude.
Men, beware of these hose monsters who look pretty now because you'll regret it later when you marry her.
by C. Norton January 08, 2007