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when a woman engages in various sexual positions where she is atop the man
Chris: She would climb it. She'd be climbing it all night long.
by C. Norton April 04, 2007
a physically unattractrive woman who looks good to heavily drunk men as a result of the men's pounding.
Victoria's Secret has done miracles, helping marry off some two bag women and beer goggle bait.
by C. Norton January 08, 2007
1. an indian delicacy. it consists of live eels stuffed inside a python skin. the eels are eaten alive.

2. another way of saying penis.
"One time I went to India. I didn't want to eat the whole time I was there because on the first day, my host served snake surprise and have been traumatized of indian food ever since."

"Hey baby, wanna see a surprise? I got it right down here, it's called the snake surprise! Open your mouth and say awww!"
by C. Norton January 01, 2010
an insult towards fat people. the humor of the term gets its punch because it rhymes with actor Matt Damon.
Doug: Carrie! You ARE abusive towards me! You make fun of my weight all the time!

Carrie: I do not!

Doug: Oh yeah? What about the time you called me Fat Damon? That was five minutes ago!!
by C. Norton February 24, 2009
a game in which the players mention the name of a person followed by "how many bags would it take?" meaning how many times a bag over the head would be needed to make that person doable.
Len: Roselyn Sanchez, how many bags would it take?
Chris: Ummmmmm, zero obviously!! Sarah Palin, how many bags would it take?
Len: Nice one, I'd think two bags. Misty May, how many bags would it take?
Chris: Good comeback, I'd give her five but cause she's got a nice bod I'll make it three.
by C. Norton February 19, 2009
a list you keep of the two baggers, psycho women, feminists, butterfaces, reverse butterfaces and other such women you shouldn't date. this no spank bank directory can be shared with other guys in your posse to forewarn them that these women are not date-worthy.
i do my fellow men a service by keeping a no spank bank directory to protect men from these hose monsters who can get basic instinct on you.
by C. Norton January 29, 2009
a huge penis. the shaq pack sandwich was a sourdough bacon cheeseburger but the shaq pack can today be known as one's package if it's giant size.
Kobe, tell me how my shaq pack tastes?

My junk is unusually big, therefore my 12 inches earns the nickname, shaq pack.
by C. Norton February 17, 2009

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