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Country of origin: USA Jim Thorpe

Pronounciation: (Bill rick)

1. Slang for one who is a jock. (wrestles, plays football, or powerlifts), but at the same time is a cheerleader. They usually can be seen as a passive aggressive person. Has a quiet nature about themself, but is sarcastic.

2. a douche bag, loves talking about them, and is one or (a slight variation) One with two first names and possibly two fathers
Eg. Did you hear what that cheerleader said to me? He was really being a bill rieck. I'd kick his ass but he wrestles.

Eg. That was such a bill rieck thing to do... HE slam dunked a paper towel into my drink.

Eg. Bill rieck? Like Bill Rick James bitch?
by C-mack and Bl$nk December 16, 2009

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