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A curroption of "bitch," meant to be a new idiom of the English language meaning the same thing as "bitch" in the derogatory sense, but a little more friendly.
Man: Damn bizatch, get the fuck out my way!
Woman: Hey nigga!...at least you didn't call me a bitch, or I would have had to slap you just for livin'.
by C-Mac Spank Dizzle January 21, 2004
An expression said by a man when he wants to make it a point that he likes big girls. When a girl has booty-doo, her stomach sticks out more than her booty do.
Man 1: Damn! That bizatch has got some booty-doo!
Man 2: Yes, I concur. Her stomach does stick out more than her ass.
by C-Mac Spank Dizzle October 27, 2003
To not be doing anything. When one is nillin', he ain't doin' shit.
Man 1: So, what are you up to?
Man 2: Well, you know me. I'm just sittin' here nillin'
by C-Mac Spank Dizzle October 29, 2003
It means that a girl has a good body, but her face is either ugly or just not that good.
It's when everything looks good, butterface.
by C-Mac Spank Dizzle October 29, 2004
A word used by white Chicago suburbanites to get the idea across that they are desperate to smoke weed. This word is said with heavy emphasis to the person the white Chicago suburbanite wants to get to smoke with them.
White Chicago Suburbanite: Hey, Mike. You wanna, you know, sm-O-ke?
Mike: Sure, what the hell. We'll go roll up a joint
by C-Mac Spank Dizzle January 21, 2004
As cool as it comes. When one uses flame, it is the same as "awesome," or "fucking cool!"
Guy 1: "Whoa, man, that movie was flame!"
Guy 2: "Yes, it was fucking cool."
by C-Mac Spank Dizzle October 27, 2003
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