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Dirty, worthless white trash wannabes that like to take massive cocks up their asses. Commonly found in small sheet metal trailers listening to shitty ICP music.
You didnt. . . touch. . . that. . glen rat did you? QUICK! Lets go get you a hepetitis booster!

Influenced by the loud echoes of ICP riccocheting off the metal sheet walls, drowning out all sense of logic and reason,the glen rat stabbed his mother in the aorta with with a corkscrew, and continued to whip her mangled corpse with a fish-hooked chain.

Yesterday, there was an enticing episode of COPS in which the police scrambled over hunks of scrap metal and rusted car parts, to subdue the Glen Rat while he was burning a cross infront of his tin hovel.
by C-Dogg 666 March 13, 2004
The very hammer used by Martha Stewart to slaughter countless of defensless Hobos during the late 1990's
Dude, if you dont shut the fuck up, imma whip out the ULTIMATE solution to the hobo "problem" until you are no more then a bloody puddle of mush
by C-Dogg 666 March 13, 2004
The act in which a male anally penetrates a partner, while he/she prarie-dogs a long (usualy solidified) piece of fecal matter, therefore causing and increase in sexual pleasure.
Man,last night, stacy doggled me so good,i lost control and squirted greenish-brown loose stools all over the persian carpet
by C-Dogg 666 March 13, 2004

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