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yummy mummy 1.(n). A middle-aged woman
worthy of a good seeing to, eg.
Helen Mirren. 2.(n). A young mother with a
fantastic arse pushing a buggy.
I love to tap yummy mummies.
by C February 24, 2004
see: bitch brownnoser

a reference to an asshole who brownnoses to authority (eg. the "boss")

"look at that ass fucker, he hores his way up to the top."
by C August 23, 2004
A transvestite ie someone who wears the clothes of the opposite sex for fun or sexual enjoyment.
Tranny mainly applies to men that wear women's clothes and often over overly feminine and parody women.
Can be derogatory when used by a non-transgendered community member but is seen as a term of endearment within the community.
Not to be confused with transsexual which is a person who's outward gender is non-concurrent with the gender of their brain and is treated with hormone therapy and gender reassignment surgery.
"I'm a tranny and proud of it"
by c October 23, 2004
an act of sheer stupidity which is characterized by great embarrassment that typically results in physical harm to the performer of the act and quality entertainment for the witnesses of the act.
damn, i pulled a vimal.
by c March 26, 2005
- alternative to saying "word".
- also is a big animal that occasionally spits
This class sux! "Lama"
by C August 17, 2004
the hottest engineer, programmer, physicist, artist, and mathematician this universe has yet to achieve a sorry clue about.
"I shall never believe that God plays dice with the world." -A. Einstein
by C February 22, 2004
a poorly-drawn anime about racing cars and a video game which is a challenge to spend more money buying parts for your cars than the other people who play the game.
I played Initial D once. Then the machine asked for another dollar despite the fact that I won, so I never played again. Ugh.
by C November 28, 2003
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