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A data type found in computer programming languages such as C++. It is a variable that holds the memory address of another variable.

Dynamic allocation of memory is possible through the use of pointers.
Examples using pointers:

int i = 5; // declares an integer with an initial value of 5

int *p = &i; // declares a pointer to an integer and assigns
the address of i to it

cout << i; // outputs the number 5 to the console

cout << &i; // outputs the address of i to the console

cout << p; // same result as above

cout << *p; // outputs the value pointed to by p (5)

*p = 10; // changes the value of i to 10

int *arr = new int n; // creates an array containing
n elements and assigns its address to arr
(dynamic allocation)

delete arr; // deletes the memory space arr points to
(does not delete the pointer itself!)
by C++ Master May 03, 2007

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