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1. Asperger's Syndrome is a real mental/communication syndrome
2. People with Asperger's Syndrome are known as aspies, but there are fake "aspies" who claim to have the syndrome.
3. Authentic aspies will most likely never, ever out loud claim to be an aspie and claim it with pride, in fact real aspies tend to be a bit ashamed or very shy of their disorder.
4. Fake aspies wear their often times self-diagnosed Asperger's syndrome with pride
5. Authentic aspies will do what they do best rather than mess with people and use their Asperger's as a crutch, that is also the whole point of the disorder, you excel at one subject whereas you lack at social skills.
6. Fake aspies will often bother people about their "disorder."
7. Authentic aspies will, despite lacking in social skills, try and make an effort to get along with people outside their comfort zone while fakes will hate people who aren't like them.
(example) Todd and Ricardo are two boys who actually have Asperger's syndrome, Kyle is a fake aspie who is actually just another annoying emo kid.

Todd- Hey, Ricardo, I'm going to pwn you in C&C 3: Tiberium Wars again!
Ricardo- They hell you will, I just realized that the Scrin aren't as good as EA games wants us to think, I'm going to play as Nod for now on!
Todd- GDI will still kick your ass, besides, in the whole C&C story, GDI was the victor in the First Tiberium War, Second and will be in the third! Oh yea, we have a cooler superweapon...THE ION CANNON!
-Kyle comes in wearing overpriced Hot Topic crap-
Kyle- Those football players tackled me into the wall and took my Chinese (made in China) magical charms.
Ricardo- dude, maybe you shouldn't have said all that shit to them earlier today, I saw you talk crap to the linebacker.
Kyle- Let's put a stinkbomb into the locker room!
Todd- Let's not, I have a really good friend who's the Quarterback of the school's team! He's my dueling buddy on C&C Generals too!
Richardo- Hey, let's play C&C Generals instead! I call US Laser General "Pinpoint and Chinese Infantry General "Anvil" Shin Fai
Todd- I call Dr. Thrax and Chinese Nuke General Tsing Shi Tao!
Kyle- Man, screw you fake aspies!
by C&C Chinese Nod General August 28, 2007

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