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1) The state of perpetually being a Dinosaur.

2) The essense at the heart of being a Dinosaur.

3) In Humans, a. slang for one's rating of Dino-Merit or b. for a Dinosaur-like mindset.
1) The Dinosaurness of any Spinosaurus is not a matter to be disputed.

2) While many people will argue over classification, there is most certainly an undeniable degree of Dinosaurness to be found in modern birds.

a. "Sven-Ole Thorsen's Dinosaurness is quite formidable, as is his Vikingness. (although one should realize that the two are not synonyms)
b. "Dave is at one with his Dinosaurness."
by Bythorsbeard February 07, 2005
measure of one's vikingness.
Olaf was brimming with vikingitude as he strode mightily off of his longship onto the foreign shore to plunder and terrorize.
by bythorsbeard October 25, 2004
The abreviation APBP can stand either for "All Purpose Brown People" or "All Purpose Brown Person," and is defined as a person, often an actor, passed off as being a member of a certain ethnicity (which they actually are not a member of) solely on account of their having a similar skin tone.
One notable example of the use of an APBP is Antonio Banderas's portrayal of an Arab man in the movie The Thirteenth Warrior whereas Banderas is obviously Hispanic.
by Bythorsbeard September 24, 2008
1) adj. - Of or pertaining to one who believes in The Moon, buys into the Lunar Conspiracy, or is otherwise a Moonhugger.

2) verb - Any actions of or related to, or in support of the belief in the existance of The Moon or sympathizing with the Lunar Conspiracy and its covert agents.
1) "I was just at an astronomy convention... what a bunch of Moonhugging idiots!"

2) "Damnit! I thought you knew the truth about the Lunar Conspiracy! I can't believe I caught you Moonhugging!"
by Bythorsbeard December 17, 2004
"...A really crappy Dinosaur."
--Kevin Farrell (see Fuckface)

While "crappy Dinosaur" may be an oxymoron, the Protoceratops comes about as close as you can get.

Very low in Dino-Merit.
"You don't even have a Protoceratops, you geek."
by Bythorsbeard January 12, 2005
1) Someone who believes in The Moon.
2) One who has been had by the Lunar Conspiracy.
1) It was a full WHAT last night? Oh man, you're such a Moonhugger!
2) Hey you Moonhugger! Quit wasting your time watching that so-called 'lunar eclipse'. It's only a hologram anyways.
by Bythorsbeard December 17, 2004

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