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A Uskin Blue is someone that wears nothing but blue all the time. But it isn't like a sick blue, its like a pale ass navy blue... a Uskin Blue. Not only that, everything he reps is blue, the walls he paints, railings, hurting ass cars that will never move because Uskin doesn't know anything about cars, His tools, I think you get the point...

A Uskin blue will usually snap at anything, hate life, stutters 247, etc.

Sometimes A Uskin Blue won't want to be called a Uskin blue so he will try to change things up by repping a red shirt... not happening... not happening, fucking Uskin Red.

Nice Uskin Blue shirt and pants.... idiot.

guy#1 Yo man Uskin Blue went buck and scrapped Macdougall today.

guy#2 what happened?

guy#1 He jacked uskins stapler

guy#1 Usssssskinnnn Blueeeee!!!!

Uskin Blue: stopcallingme that, stopcallin me that, you guys need to grow up

guy#1 you need to wear a another color...


guy#1 yo guy for 3 bills would you pound mad forties in a closet with Uskin Blue

guy#2 ahhhh... is he greasing??

guy#1 mad mad... hes mad greased out and loving it

guy#2 ahhh lovinggg it.. fuckk thatt

by Buzzcut 1999 February 09, 2009

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