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A term used to describe, in most cases, a hand with short stumpy fingers but can also be used to describe any sort of injured or deformed hand. Derived from the tiny, deformed right hand of British 'comedian' Jeremy Beadle.
'I can't pick that up with my broken Beadle hand man, could you help me with it?'
by ButtonFaceBilly March 09, 2008
Raw boysenberries are boysenous substances. Being boysened is far worse a fate than being poisoned; you bleed spontaneously through your mouth and eyes and die incredibly quickly, before an antidote can be administered.
'Woah man, don't eat those raw boysenberries, they're boysenous. You don't want to be boysened do you?'
by ButtonFaceBilly February 21, 2008
The state where, when listening to your iPod on shuffle, you can only listen to about a minutes worth of each song before skipping it, just to find out what comes up next.
I love this song, but the shuffle syndrome has set in, I'm going to have to skip it.
by ButtonFaceBilly September 22, 2008
The bendy part of a drinking straw
'There's far too much curly junction on this straw, I can tie it in knots and it still works.'
by ButtonFaceBilly February 23, 2008
The act of kicking somebody in the head.
Your'e such a twat. I'm gonna klet you Jon.
by ButtonFaceBilly February 21, 2008
A foolish person. The word can be used to describe a person as being one, or said to someone when they perform an idiotic action.
Ahh you jibber, you spilt coffee all over the sofa!
by ButtonFaceBilly September 24, 2007
The word used to describe when a cat scratches you.
That cat looks mad, don't go near it, it might spag you
by ButtonFaceBilly May 20, 2008
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