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3 definitions by Butter 'n Butter

Deathrot is anything that deals with blood, guts, pus, weird bodily juices and the like. Anything that is rancid, rotting, has maggots or flies in it is also considered "deathrot." You can use your imagination...
Adj. Thats some pretty deathrotty schmeg on your cock dude.

Noun. That exploded bunny head looks like some nasty deathrot.
by Butter 'n Butter January 27, 2004
Imagine Jane Fonda's pussy after doing her video 10,000,000. times, and then licking it. What you are licking is swoochie.
I got wretched swoochie at the gym today.
by Butter 'n Butter January 27, 2004
A bunch of neighborhoods that all connect to make one big smoke road.
Lets go smoke a j and take a ride on the circut.
by Butter 'n Butter January 27, 2004